April 2012

April 2012

Treat Yourself to Brussels

When it comes to destinations, it’s no surprise that a large number of accomplished travelers have long considered Brussels a remarkable stop. After all, this great and ancient city sits in an unrivaled geographic location—smack on the crossroads of northern Europe.

New Zealand

There is no question that New Zealand is one of the world’s most beautiful spots. This is a destination that forces visitors to literally stand back and gasp at unrivaled natural splendors.

Turkish Delights

Drama lovers, take note: while Istanbul packs a wallop of culture and ambiance, Turkey’s most exciting nature-made attractions are just hours away from the country’s capital.

Women Wellness Retreats

Tell your female clients to get their tushies off those poolside chaise longues, take a rain check on the acai berry martini, and get ready to rise with the sun.

The Still-Single Mingle in Vegas

Each year, millions of people go to Las Vegas to have a raucous, fun-filled time, yet most of those who choose to hold their bachelor or bachelorette escape there, no matter how rambunctious, would rather not lose a tooth, displease Mike Tyson or find a Bengal tiger in their room, a la “The Hangover.”

Club Med Sandpiper Bay

The first time we stayed at Club Med Sandpiper in Port St. Lucie, FL, our oldest daughter was 18 months old. Eleven years and seven or eight visits later (we lost count!), we found during a recent trip that our loyalty to Club Med Sandpiper is not unique, with many families returning year-after-year for a similar reason we do: it’s all about the kids.

Escaping to the Islands

The bouquet of emerald isles that make up Hawaii have enjoyed their winter—laughing at most of us as we bundled up—and are now busy sprucing up their offers for those ready for a warm beach-and-jungle escape.