Pacific Delight Tours

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And while that includes utilizing the Internet for both promotional and educational purposes, Kwan isn’t the least bit shy to say that he also intends to incorporate the old fashioned one-on-one approach and for good reason. “I know that in the current trend, there’s a lot of things that are done online—the high-tech end of it. But I also think that the physicality of a person visiting is also very important. I strongly believe it’s important for our sales team to go out and show their face—people recognize the person and they relate to it. Let’s face it, a China trip is not a cheap ticket, it’s a big ticket so people want to know what they’re buying or selling for you.”

In addition to China, Kwan says, Cambodia and Vietnam have gained a lot of momentum over the years. That area is going to be coming up,” he says, with a particular appeal to “…the sophisticated traveler, people who are interested in culture, that sort of thing. Vietnam and Cambodia do have a lot of interest.”

Still, despite their expertise in the China Yangtze River product and their interest in more development with their Vietnam/Cambodia programs, when asked if they had any interest in the Mekong as many other river cruisers have expressed, Kwan says, “No, we are not ready for this cruise product on the Mekong at this time.” But at the same time he adds, “We’ve always been and hope to continue that mindset as the forerunner in developing new areas and destinations.… We look into whatever comes to our attention that’s going to be interesting and if so, we’ll definitely get our hands into that.”