Jade Mountain: Saint Lucia

If you’ve sold luxury travel, traveled to the Caribbean, or even simply tuned into the TV show, “The Bachelor” last year, you’ve likely heard of Jade Mountain, the exclusive, high-end resort-within-a-resort at Saint Lucia’s Anse Chastanet. You’ve probably heard about the gorgeous views and love nest-style rooms, where clients could spend their entire vacation without ever leaving if they so desired. But you’ve heard great things about a lot of resorts and because you’re a savvy traveler, you know not every property lives up to the hype.

That’s why we’re here to tell you that everything you’ve heard about Jade Mountain is true. And, incredibly, there’s even more to the resort than you’ve imagined.

sanctuaries in the sky By far, the signature feature of Jade Mountain is its accommodations, rooms designed to maximize romance at every turn. Each expansive living area is built on the side of a mountain, looking out through two smaller hills, and across the Bay of Soufriere to a blue horizon interrupted only by the picturesque Piton Mountains. To say it’s one of the best views in the Caribbean would be to understate the obvious. This is one of the only places in the world where you can see the land—from the towering peaks to the lush, green slopes—descend dramatically into the sea. From the bright sunshine of the morning to the colorful sunset—and even by moonlight—the beauty of the sight evolves, but never fades.

Clients are sure to be dazzled by the Pitons, but the 29 rooms from which they view them are a close runner-up when it comes to making an impression. Suites here are expansive—no matter what the category—and come stocked with everything your clients need for a romantic getaway. Most include an infinity plunge pool that anchors the room—tiled with vivid, colorful glass—set on the very edge of the accommodation, adding a bit of modern style to the view of the mountains. The adjacent sundeck flows into a more living room-style seating area and beyond that, a large king-size canopy bed. Bathrooms are set apart from the open layout only by elevation, with his and hers sinks, a European shower and, of course, a jacuzzi big enough for two looking out over the room. The absence of the suites’ fourth wall—allowing that majestic Piton view—is really just an added bonus.

Jade’s infinity pool suites range in size from Star, with between 1,400 and 1,800 sq. ft., to Sun, boasting over 2,000 sq. ft. and offering clients the widest views and largest infinity pools. The highest room category here is Galaxy, comprising two Sun rooms located on the highest level of the resort and offering the most space and best views. But even the Sky jacuzzi suites, Jade Mountain’s most humble offering, offer incredible luxury—1,650 sq. ft., with most of them missing the fourth wall (one is fully enclosed and air conditioned, for clients who simply can’t live without), plus jacuzzis and open bath design. It’s hard to imagine any client being disappointed at a room at Jade Mountain—especially once they discover what else the resort has in store.

beyond the view The rooms at Jade Mountain are its most impressive feature, but they’re just the beginning when it comes to attractions for your clients. Assuming travelers here want to leave their suites—an assumption that’s not guaranteed because rumor has it that one honeymoon couple weren’t seen in the outside world for five full days—they’ll find a wide range of activities. As part of the larger Anse Chastanet resort, Jade Mountain offers its guests access to all the common Caribbean watersports. There’s kayaking and windsurfing available right off the beach, as well as snorkeling. Just off the beach is a widely known site that brings in boatloads of tourists from other resorts all over Saint Lucia. Guests here can simply wait until the crowds leave, then pick up their snorkeling equipment from the watersports center and wade into the water to see it for themselves. Guided snorkeling excursions to other nearby sites are also available and highly recommended. One site rests right at the base of the Pitons, offering picturesque views both above and below the waves.

Whether they get there via kayak or by walking a short trail, the beach just next door to Anse Chastanet is an out-of-the-way dining spot with an ultra-casual beach grill serving up island fare and hamburgers that have become the stuff of legend. Anse Chastanet offers several other dining options, too, but the best food by far is at—you guessed it—Jade Mountain’s restaurant, located at the very top of the resort to maximize on mealtime romance. The menu offers a choice of four 3-course meals for dinner—including a vegetarian option—as well as one focused on traditional Caribbean flavors. Each incorporates ingredients sourced from the resort’s garden. That freshness, paired with the ingenuity of a talented chef, will keep clients going back night after night.