December 2009

December 2009

Princess Cruises: The World is Its (Cruising) Oyster

Just take a look at the numbers: Princess Cruises, with a worldwide fleet of 17 modern ships, sails to all seven continents, offering 115 itineraries

Crystal Cruises Welcomes Another Winning Year

High standards in travel are especially important nowadays, and often get rewarded. With its 10th consecutive win as Best Cruise Line for Luxury

Carnival Cruise Lines: Best Value in Travel

“Carnival, with its affordable pricing, convenient close-to-home embarkation ports and variety of short cruise options—not to mention a unique

Viking’s on Course with Agents Once Again

There was a time in history when nobody wanted to see a Viking ship come cruising into view. But now, contemporary Viking ships are cruising

Cruise West: Up-Close, Casual & Personal

For the fifth consecutive time, Cruise West captures Recommend’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Cruise Line in the Small Ship category. Such a

South Africa’s for Everyone

It’s starting to become obvious that just about everybody loves South Africa—first-timers to Africa, honeymooners and now soccer fans. But

China Takes Center Stage

There’s no denying that when the so-called Bamboo Curtain fell, China re-entered the world stage with a vengeance. Presently, China has the

The Allure of Thailand

A trip to Thailand, the wonderful kingdom smack in the heart of Southeast Asia, is memorable merely for the wonders that lie within its borders.

Australia Packs a Punch

Very few destinations capture the imagination of North Americans as Australia, where some maintain that its legendary Outback remains the only

Scintillating Tahiti

One of the most unforgettable sights in the world is Tahiti looming from the sea while on board a vessel manuevering to make land on this


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