Editor's Notes: December 2010

Since this is December, the season of giving, we’re giving you our annual collective “Agent Speak,” so to speak—namely the results of Recommend’s 14th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards, an industry-wide sound off by you, our readers, reflecting your views on the suppliers and destinations you deal with on a daily basis. As always, we want to thank all of you who have participated in the voting and given us the opportunity to highlight your views on the “Best” in the business. It’s always interesting to us to see the genuine pride and interest the winners of the various categories take in this award, as well as the gratitude they show for your efforts in selling their products and destinations. More importantly, as you’ll see as you peruse the pages of this issue, their collective eagerness to point out all the new promotions and programs they’re planning for the upcoming year to help you to continue to sell their products, while at the same time, helping you to improve your business for 2011. And judging from what we’ve heard from all of the winners we’ve interviewed in this issue—and believe me when I tell you we do interview them all—bookings for the upcoming year are looking good all across the board, promising a good new year for all. Cruise companies with their flotilla of new ships are all showing promising numbers, while destination entities like South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Italy, China, Thailand, Tahiti, Brazil, Costa Rica, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Ireland on the international front—all of which were winners in one category or another—are looking forward to a positive year in 2011 with tons of new tour operator and hotel product coming online. Mexico, too—despite its bad publicity over the past year—is coming back, particularly in Cancun and the Riviera Maya where they’re developing new destination product and lots of value-added, hot-selling packages and resort product. In short, it’s looking like there’s good news coming in with the new year. On that positive note, we here at Recommend want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families the happiest of holidays and the most prosperous of a New Year.

taiwan travel planner We’ve got still another gift for you in this issue—the 2011 Taiwan Travel Planner—a gift that we’re confident is going to keep on giving all year long, because it’s going to help you sell what we believe has the potential to be one of the hottest selling Asian destinations next year. Everything you need to pique the interest of your Asia-bound clients can be found in this 16-page supplement. We’ve detailed an enormous amount of information about this beautiful and compelling island country—from its culinary and cultural attractions, to shopping, temples, festivals and its peerless adventure travel opportunities, plus a whole lot more.

corrections We have a couple of corrections to make this month. In the October 2010 issue, in the Palm Beach feature (page 80), we inadvertently said that Delta Air Lines was adding new service from four of its U.S. hubs, but it’s Direct Air offering the new service from these hubs.

In our November issue, in the Uruguay feature (page 22), we wrote that Uruguay was the smallest country in South America, but Andrew Haffenden, president of Nature Travel Specialists LLC, points out that, “Both Suriname and French Guiana are smaller South American countries than Uruguay.” To which our Latin America editor, Carla Hunt, responds, “I stand corrected, and with pleasure. Whenever I write something is the biggest/smallest/highest, I always pause…and should have paused longer to check the numbers on Suriname, which I thought was bigger than Uruguay. I believe that French Guiana still flies the French flag as an overseas department, so I don’t think of it as a stand-alone country. Many thanks for your input.”

next month
We’re going to be bringing you the 2011 Asia Travel Planner, highlighting 17 countries all across the Asian region with information on tour programs, attractions and more. This is a keeper and something you’ll be able to refer to all year long, so don’t miss it. We’re also going to be giving you information on girlfriend getaways in Mexico, family fun travel in the Caribbean, onboard reviews of the Viking Sky and the new Celebrity Solstice, rail travel in North America and more. In the meantime, have a great read.