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The other is a new product called Panorama Vacations that, Born says, “…tend to cover multi-countries and be more extended vacations. We have one of those new vacations in 2011 that’s called Visions of Asia. So you can tell our interest in continuing that product focus in Asia, trying to push both the tried and true and beyond the tried and true has kind of helped our position there.”

There’s also new product in Europe. “We always have something new in Europe. It wouldn’t be a new year without a little bit more going on there,” Born says. Those include two “off the beaten path” vacations in Italy geared primarily for repeater visitors to Italy—the Northern Italy Highlights and the Umbria Treasures. “We’ve also added a new Israel tour in our core vacations product,” Born says. “It’s outside of our religious portfolio, but we found a lot of success with Israel inside of our religious portfolio so we decided to bring it to our core offerings.”