Beaver Creek Lodge, Colorado

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Beaver Creek Lodge lobby.
Beaver Creek Lodge lobby. Photo credit: Sergio Ortiz

It doesn’t take much to understand why those who seek luxury, pampering and top-notch service surrounded by the majesty of mountains deem Beaver Creek Lodge to be a dreamland. All those assets, plus more to spare, lie bundled in this rather compact, elegant and upscale resort of the Colorado Rockies.

Beaver Creek Lodge, a member of the elegant and artsy Kessler Collection, veers a bit from the traditional image of a mountain resort because not only does it famously cater to outdoor enthusiasts, but those with a taste for less strenuous downtime will be equally captivated.

Its surroundings give pause to even the most philistine guest who is sure to be awed by the splendor of the Rockies, the lofty range that has held visitors in thrall since Lewis and Clark first came upon it a tad more than 200 years ago.

Today, the old explorers would have a difficult time recognizing the place.

The Rockies
Although the image that first pops to mind whenever the Rockies are mentioned is one of colorful, desolate, rugged and miniscule mining towns strewn against mountainsides, this section of Colorado has the best of both worlds: large cities flaunt their individual western urban flair, while resort towns bear the distinctive stamp of the Old West.

This part of Colorado is synonymous with the outdoors. Winter activities are legendary, as attested by the booming business its resorts undergo in the late months of the year. Summer is a golden time of long days custom-made for those who like time exploring the mountains under huge western skies.

Beaver Creek Village is a delicious mountain treat lying at the base of the mountain that shares its name. Although less well known than Vail—Colorado’s most visited resort, a mere 10 miles away—Beaver Creek Village has been around for more than a quarter century. As a matter of fact, some consider it to be “Vail’s younger little sister.” But pull Beaver Creek away from the dazzling light that Vail exudes and it still would merit being tagged as one of the country’s premier resorts.

It is approximately 30 minutes from Vail/Eagle County Airport, serviced by American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways (some airlines only offer seasonal flights).

The thin mountain air, crisp weather, magnificent scenery and unparalleled atmosphere make Beaver Creek Village one of the most alluring resorts in Colorado. Within the village one finds entertainment, shops, nightlife, restaurants and art galleries. The Vilar Center for the Arts periodically hosts film festivals, Broadway shows and a theater festival.

Former president Gerald Ford once owned a chalet nearby and his presence is felt in the meeting hall that bears his name.

The Lodge
At Beaver Creek Lodge guests will pleasantly discover a newly renovated, all-suite property where the storied Western hospitality is underscored with modern and luxurious touches.

The lodge sits in the heart of Beaver Creek Village, a charming alpine town from where the view, in summer or winter, is one of the most spectacular in the Rockies. The village itself is rightfully ranked as one of the world’s top 50 skiing destinations and known for the attention that has been paid to elements that make life easier for visitors, details like covered escalators that whisk visitors from the village to the mountaintop.

Beaver Creek Lodge, an ochre-colored complex in the heart of the village, is a magnificent boutique retreat of mountain chic comfort. Its superior 72 guest suites (prices during spring begin at approximately $199 per night, dbl) scream of elegance. There are sitting areas full of plush appointments and Western-style furniture covered with rich leathers. The soft pillow-top beds are conducive to deep sleep and few experiences will rival the unparalleled luxury of sitting in front of a warm fireplace in a private suite during a blustery Colorado dusk while looking up a mountain with clouds hovering over its crest.

Eco-conscious guests will delight in the fact that a large portion of the resort’s electricity is generated by wind-powered plants, thus making Beaver Creek Lodge one of most earth-friendly properties in Colorado. In addition to the use of energy efficient light fixtures, the lodge practices extensive recycling and paperless procedures.