May 2020

The New Travel Landscape

The resounding message that has echoed throughout the travel & tourism industry in the last couple of months is that we will come out of this crisis stronger than ever. 

Post-COVID, Regional Vacations Will Flourish

The current travel pause is expected to generate renewed interest in regional travel within the U.S. as more travelers will be looking for trips closer to home once the “stay in place” orders are lifted.

Cruising: Ready When Your Clients Are

So many of you are making bookings, and so many of those are specifically cruise bookings. 

‘Recover Better Than Ever’

Hotel brands with properties that dot the Caribbean and Mexico are using the current crisis as an opportunity to come out even stronger on the other side.
work from home

7 Tips for Travel Advisors Working From Home

Reality is starting to set in for many that the work from home scenario might be for more than just a few weeks. Here are 7 tips from travel advisors on working from home.

How to Communicate with Your Clients Now

After the cancellations and rebookings have stopped for a bit, you might be left wondering how you should best reach out and communicate with your clients, during a time when booking travel for right now is on hold.