Easing into Asia

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“As more travelers plan their second and third visits to Southeast Asia, we expect to see an increase in specialty travel, whether it be theme- or destination-oriented. Within the last few years we have already seen this starting to take place,” he says.

Another noteworthy trend Asian travel ETA is embracing is Medical Tourism. “An increasing number of North Americans are choosing to have medical procedures done in Asia,” he says. “Besides costing a fraction of what the same procedures would be in the West, the benefits also include excellent physicians and nursing care, modern facilities, low costs for extended hospitalized recovery times and availability of holistic support for the recuperation stage,” says Trehan. “Easy Tours of Asia has strong and close relationships with several of the top medical facilities in Asia. We have a U.S.- and Asia-based staff of specialists who focus on medical tourism, and stay abreast of all current developments in their respective fields. We can handle all of the details that require contact with the providers. The patient will, of course, be able to speak to the hospitals, doctors, and other providers, but they need not worry about all of the mundane tasks that must be performed prior to their departure. Our medical specialists work closely with our leisure travel specialists and are able to coordinate explorations of Asia’s major tourism attractions. These can be facilitated for a vacation for the patient and/or their traveling companion(s).”

The most important thing that travel agents need to understand about the destinations ETA serves and the services it offers, Trehan emphasizes, is that there are no compromises in service or facilities.

“Countries like India and Dubai have more ultra-luxury hotels and resorts than all of North America combined and these properties are recognized as such by Western critics and publications. World-class oceanfront and island resorts abound all over our destinations—from Malaysia to Thailand to the Maldives. Southeast Asia is a haven for such establishments and Easy Tours of Asia can make it happen.”