Intrepid: Real Life Experiences

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added commissions
Carbon offsets aren’t the only big news for the coming year. “Huge for us this year is a new all-inclusive pricing policy,” Larkin announces. “In the past, all adventure travel companies had a system called local payment, so when the traveler got to the destination, they had to pay a certain amount of money to the tour operator, to be used on the ground—park entrance fees, meals, etc.” The practice wasn’t popular with anyone, he says. “We know from experience that the number one concern of our travelers was that they didn’t know exactly what that payment was for. And travel agents didn’t necessarily like it, because it’s money they won’t earn commission on.” Now, he explains, those local payments are built right into the cost of the tour package, “so agents earn full commission on selling that new price. It’s extra revenue to the agent.”