Egypt’s Antiquity Attractions are Eternal

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abercrombie & kent

Veteran tour operator Abercrombie & Kent is no less enthusiastic about 2012 Egypt bookings and according to Pamela Lassers, A&K’s director of communications, the response to its newly priced Egypt programs has been “phenomenal.” What’s even more amazing, Lassers says, “…is the family bookings, it’s amazing. We’ve had to add extra family programs the demand for them is so great.”

In fact, A&K is adding 12 additional small group departures in 2012 to the 34 previously announced to accommodate the increasing demand for travel to Egypt, primarily because travel agents have reported interest from three very different types of clients: politically aware travelers who want to show support for the democracy movement; returning guests who want to be among the first to see the newly restored Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor; and first-time travelers attracted by the exceptional values.

Considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, the Avenue of the Sphinxes is a 1.6-mile ceremonial walkway between the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak that is lined by hundreds of newly uncovered and restored stone sphinxes, which reputedly guarded the royal personage and entourage as they made their way between the two temples.

The company has scheduled five additional departures of Egypt Unveiled, an 11-day itinerary featuring the historic Mena House Oberoi and the Four Seasons Cairo, with a 4-night Nile cruise aboard the luxurious Sun Boat IV (Jan. 26-Feb. 5, March 15-25, May 3-13, May 17-27, May 31-June 10 from $2,595). There are two additional 2012 departures of an itinerary inspired by the Arab Spring, Egypt: A Moment in History (Aug. 30-Sept. 9 and Oct. 25-Nov. 4 from $1,725) on which travelers explore the wonders of Cairo and nearby Giza, before flying south to Luxor and cruise on the Sun Boat IV for four nights, where an Egyptologist introduces them to the river’s extraordinary temples and monuments.

Two additional departures of Splendors of the Nile include a 4-night Nile River cruise and private access to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and the tomb of Seti I, the longest and most ornate in the Valley of the Kings (June 21-July 1 and Sept. 27-Oct. 7 from $3,435). There’s also an additional departure of Pharaohs & Pyramids, featuring a 7-night cruise aboard Sun Boat III plus private openings of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens (June 12 from $4,415).

Finally, there are also two additional departures of A&K’s Egypt family program, Pyramids, Mummies & Temples (April 2-10, June 25-July 3 from $2,335). Families will explore Egypt’s temples, fortresses and ruins; see Tutankhamun’s mummy in his tomb, don galabeyyas (traditional robes) at a costume party on board Sun Boat IV and join a family scavenger hunt through a bustling, colorful bazaar, plus a whole lot more.

Lassers points out that these additions are guaranteed departures, and, she adds, if the bookings keep going at the same pace they are now, they may add even more