July 2012

July 2012

Monte Azul Boutique Hotel in the Talamanca Mountain Range in Costa Rica.

Latin America: Authentically Yours

Latin American destinations can fill the bill in new and involving experiences for adventure- and nature-loving travelers, for history and culture buffs, for beach combers and river-runners, and for families discovering new horizons together.

Safaris, Reinvented

The call of the wild is heard loud and clear from land, waterways and African skies.

A Taste of Tradition in Eastern Europe

Cuisine and culture are an intrinsic partnership in virtually every aspect of travel and all the more so in the more traditional countries of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria, Poland and Romania—all of which, appropriately enough, helped feed the “melting pot” of America.

Malacca & Penang: Exotic Delights

Incomparable experiences lurk behind every corner in Malaysia’s eminent destinations.
Magdalena Grand Beach

Magdalena Grand Beach Resort, Tobago

The simple fact that the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is the first full-service resort to open on Tobago in 12 years tells you a lot about Trinidad’s shy little sister.

Unanticipated Adventure in Curaçao

The “C” of what’s known as the ABC islands, Curaçao—Aruba and Bonaire being the A and B, respectively—is a wee island of just 171 sq. miles. But don’t let its size fool you—this itty-bitty piece of paradise is packed with authentic culture, distinctive food and a rich history.
Costa Baja Lobby

A Love Affair with La Paz

Our crush on Baja, still unabated, keeps inching closer to an obsession…but a healthy one.

An Appetite for Mexico

Along with old traditions and new trends, hot chefs are spicing up Mexico’s culinary landscape, as recently evidenced in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.


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