Destination Weddings

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He points out, “You can plan this great, grandiose event but if nobody can afford to get together, guess what, it’s not a good spot. So it seems kind of counter-intuitive, but that’s the first thing we always talk about. We tell them, ‘Okay, we know your budget is fine, but what about your guests?’ And people tend to say, ‘Don’t worry, they’ll come, no matter what.’ And they will, until you tell them the price,” he laughs.

It’s not too surprising then, that the company’s top three destinations are also its most affordable—Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, with Mexico being the landslide winner. “What we tell couples is that just like a traditional wedding, you can really blow your budget right out of the water if you really want to go over the top. But, statistically, over the thousands of weddings that we’ve done, I’d say 90 percent of couples stay within $10,000 or below. I’ve had friends right here that have spent 50 to 60 thousand dollars in one day. Whereas I took 50 of my closest friends down to Nassau and spent around $10,000.

“What we tell people is to poll their people ahead of time. We tell our clients, not everybody that would go to a traditional will go to a destination wedding, which is not necessarily a bad thing. We give them an average and while the couples and maybe some family members might stay down for a week, most of the guests are just going to go for about three nights on average. Usually we’ll set up a travel package—air, accommodations, etc.—for the guests and again, on average, they’ll usually fall somewhere between $750 and $1,200.”

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