Destination Weddings with Noble House

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“For the most part, we try not to put pricing on the site because at the end of the day I don’t want pricing to be the ultimate decision maker. I want people to find a destination and then let us customize something that fits their budget. We’re not here to try to take as much money as we can from people; we’re here to try to give you the experience you want and tell you what the fair cost for that is. Frankly, let’s talk about what your needs are and I’ll tell you what it costs.”

For travel agents who want to stay in the know of this ever-expanding market, Gavin says, “challenge us. Say, ‘Can I come and experience what you offer at the hotel’ and take time to meet with the wedding planner and the director of catering so they can understand what we offer.” Travel agents intimidated by the destination weddings market, meanwhile, should “let their guard down,” Gavin says, “talk to industry experts, talk to colleagues in the market to really validate the importance of it. Start small. Learn about destination weddings in Florida and then when you have the comfort level there, learn about the Caribbean market, but start small because it’s overwhelming.”

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