The Honeymoon Artists of Artisans of Leisure

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“A lot of agents will call us and say, ‘I’ve got these great clients but I don’t know this destination well. Are you okay with having the client call you and you speak with them directly.’” From there, she says, all the rest of the communication is between the agent and the Artisans of Leisure offi ce. “We’re happy to work however the agent wants us to work and provide everything they feel they need to work with the client.”

Ganz says that her company does a lot with travel agents on a request basis in terms of training and providing tailored materials based on what they need. “We can really walk through different destinations in-depth with an agent if it’s a destination they’re not as familiar with, as well as provide information on why to choose one honeymoon destination over another so they have that information at their fi ngertips to explain to their clients. Some travel agents want us to prepare materials that are outlines of our tours—printed versions of what’s on our website to present to their clients. And we do a lot of one-on-one training with our agents and individual agency offi ces.”

With almost 10 years under its belt, the company has, as Ganz pointed out, seen a lot of honeymoon business come across their sales desks, and she says, “Honeymooners who came to us when we started almost 10 years ago still come to us to handle trips for their families. It’s fun to watch it evolve.”

In addition to customized tours, the company also offers a honeymoon registry. At the agent’s or client’s request, the company will set up a dedicated honeymoon registry page for the couple where friends and family can either contribute a monetary donation to the honeymoon cost or purchase a specifi c package listed on the page such as a couple’s massage or romantic dinner.

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