The Fortunes of the Far North

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“For instance, there are flightseeing trips above the Arctic Circle or around Denali, a visit to the home/kennel of a dog musher, a float or float/fishing trip or jet boat trip,” says Lundquist. “I do think there is definitely an interest in meeting Alaskans in general. How we live here…what it’s like…and visitors are almost always interested in indigenous cultures: preservation of traditions in foods, holidays, songs, elements from our native lands that have gone by the wayside. In fall and winter, the northern lights are another lure.”

Lundquist stresses the ease of access to Fairbanks from Seattle (direct nonstops are three hours). Remind clients, she says, “that it is not cold and dark all winter, domestic and international flights connect us to the world—we are a year-round destination.”