Exploring the Deep South

In this section, we are highlighting the legacy of the Deep South—those traditional and highly stylized places of yesteryear in Mississippi and Louisiana that morphed into the new south without giving up the ghosts of the past. It’s a stay and play in America opportunity that can be as compelling as the most classic European or Asian vacation experience.

As Kim Priez, v.p. of tourism, New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, points out, these destinations are a very good reason to keep your client’s money right here in the U.S. “They wouldn’t have to worry about the long-distance airfares. They will wind up paying a third more for [a European] vacation than if they were to come to New Orleans and with that extra money, they could enhance their experience.”

In this new look at the old, we’ll give your clients the opportunity to find a vacation experience that will enable them to share a memory of the past within a contemporary vacation environment that can combine personal interests with historical attractions, giving them new insight into how America grew up.

In Louisiana, we’ll take you to an iconic town, Natchitoches, right out of the heart of Dixie—a town older than New Orleans whose appeal lies in its rickety bridges and its location away from the main tourist areas, but still resplendent with centuries-old houses now hosting quaint B&Bs and shops.

We’ll take you to New Orleans and show you how voluntourism helped reshape a national treasure plundered by Mother Nature in the form of Hurricane Katrina and which provided a rich experience for hundreds of volunteer tourists who used their vacations and their personal time to reach out to their fellow Americans.

We’ll also show you where your clients can whet their appetites for culinary travel in the famed Crescent City, with a feature on culinary schools and where to find the best offerings of Creole, Cajun and nouveau N’alins cooking—all truly tasty tips for your foodie clientele.

Finally, you can also put your hard-earned money down on the best bets for a hard-charging gambling getaway and the best places to go along the Gulf Coast from Biloxi and Gulfport to New Orleans itself. It’s here, too, where you’ll find some of the best beaches you’ll find anywhere as well as world-class fishing and outdoor adventures. You can take odds this area offers some of the best vacation options from casino action to outdoor fun.

This region offers your clients a stay-in-America vacation experience they’ll long remember and give you an opportunity to add some domestic inventory to your leisure sales that will pay some big dividends in the future. Whether it’s voluntourism, gaming, historical or culinary vacation pursuits, it’s all here in the following pages.