From Zambia to Zimbabwe

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Northern Serengeti is the boom area in Tanzania. There are new deluxe camps like Nomad’s 12-room Lamai Serengeti, just a few miles from where wildebeest cross the Mara River (late-July and October), and in the same area the Sayari Mara Camp with 15 tents. “Fabulous places and there’ll be a lot more. It’s Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park without the crowds. And walking inside the park is relatively new—such as our Senengeti Mobile Walking Camp program—in specifically designated areas.”

Pemba Island and especially the Mafia Archipelago, off Tanzania, both viewed as “Zanzibar 20 years ago.”

Malawi is looking interesting, with a flurry of really high-quality places cropping up in the last couple of years. On Lake Malawi, gorgeous little resorts such as Pumulani and Kaya Mawa on an island, and in the Majete Wildlife Reserve (part of the Great Rift Valley), the Mkulumadzi Camp: luxury and isolation.”