RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas

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To truly appreciate a stay in Los Cabos, a sunset cruise is a must—guests sail out of the bay past El Arco to where the mighty Pacific tussles with the Sea of Cortez. To see the Arco up-close, guests can hop on a 5-minute taxi ride from RIU and then take a short boat ride from the marina where they’ll be at the famous Arch and Playa del Amor (“love beach”). Manta rays jump out of the water, pelicans and sea gulls dive in search of food, and seals—always the life of the party—frolic with one another. The best time to see this natural wonder is when a fiery sun sets over the Pacific in a palette of carouseling bronzes, pinks, and oranges, offering stark insight into the tender balance of Baja’s wildlife and intrinsic beauty of Los Cabos.

All-inclusive rates start at $140 pp nightly through June 25.