Editor's Notes: May 2010

You won’t have to worry about any handicaps in the golf market when you check out the incredible coverage we’ve developed for you this month on that travel theme. We’ll be introducing you to a wealth of product from Arizona, Florida and California, to the Caribbean and, of course, Scotland and Ireland, not to mention Central America. It’s truly amazing how that market has grown over the years—not only with the golf resorts themselves, but in the sophisticated design and secondary golf offerings that are being requested by the ever-more savvy and sophisticated golf traveler. Of course, the holy grail of golf is Scotland where not too much innovation is encouraged, thank you very much. But your clients will still have the opportunity to enjoy some pretty luxurious resort offerings when they go there (see page 66). Golf instruction, too, has become still another important factor in golf travel as you’ll see in our feature on the David Leadbetter Golf Academy on page 10. This is definitely a product for the serious enthusiast with virtual golf instruction, and, of course, good old-fashioned hands-on lessons. Finally, don’t forget your potential female golf clients. Women’s golf has come a long way over the past 10 or 15 years and so has interest in it among female golfers.

There’s still another feature we don’t want you to miss this month—river cruising in Asia and it’s no longer just on the Yangtze. River cruise companies have taken a different approach to the many destination choices available. AMAWaterways’ product, for example, is an exotic amalgam of unforgettable destination experiences that range from the beautiful and contemplative, almost mystical temples of Angkor Wat, to the floating markets and villages in Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as the bustling cities of Hanoi, Saigon and Phnom Penh. It’s truly a unique experience and AMAWaterways, so far anyway, is the only major North American cruise company that has chosen to develop a product there. For a completely different destination product, although no less exotic, there’s Orient-Express’ Road to Mandalay, a rebuilt river cruise ship that takes clients along the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar for one of the most exotic travel adventures even your most well-traveled clients will be impressed with. Finally, for a third option on the rivers of Asia, you can opt for Uniworld’s China river cruising program where there’s a big emphasis on the land portion of the product that, Uniworld says, is one of the most thorough and best-served China land programs in the marketplace. So head on over to page 76 and review these three distinct products.

Also this month we present our first-ever Mexico Wedding Planner, which—as you’ll see while flipping through this supplement—is the go-to guide for travel agents when helping clients prepare for one of the biggest days in their lives. You’ll learn how you can be the guiding hand in helping your clients plan their destination wedding in Mexico—from providing information on local wedding planners to pointing them to the perfect locale for saying I do, even offering a list of the many interesting things to do around their chosen nuptials site (and the range is endless). And if there’s ever a time to get into this lucrative market segment, it’s now—as our Mexico editor, Sarah Muñoz writes, “Saying ‘I do’ to a marriage in Mexico cannot possibly get much simpler.”

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And speaking of weddings…break out the rice, it’s time for our annual romance issue, in which our editors pick the top spots for destination weddings and honeymoons across the globe…we’ll even tell you what we consider to be the sexiest hotel in the world.
So don’t miss out and in the meantime, have a great read.