Welcome to the May Issue of Recommend

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Rick Shively

Welcome to the May Issue of Recommend, in which we focus on golf resort vacations in North America, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Mexico. In the Top Golf Resorts feature, you’ll fi nd information on the golf facilities and golf courses at what our editors consider to be some of the best golf resorts in those regions, as well as details on accommodations, dining options and other amenities, such as uber-luxe spas, outdoor adventures, and watersports activities—information that proves that a golf vacation need not only be for the golf aficionado.

We are also running a feature on Israel and Jordan, which we feel is timely considering the drop in tourism to some countries in the region because of media coverage relative to the Arab Spring and because of the ongoing confl ict in Syria. As you’ll see in our feature on page 52, Jordan did take a downturn last year, but they’re confi dent they’ll see an upswing later in the year, as well they should because it’s defi nitely one of the safest countries in the region. Israel, on the other hand, is still enjoying healthy visitor ratings, right on the tails of the trend set in 2009 and 2010, making the 3-year period (2009 through 2011) the best three years ever for tourism in the 64-year history of the State of Israel. But those numbers didn’t come about by accident and as a recent report by Consul Haim Gutin, Israel Tourism Commissioner, North and South America, pointed out, the Ministry of Tourism undertook a multi-million dollar advertising campaign in 2011; brought more than 100 travel, food, wine and religious journalists to Israel in individual and group trips, resulting in articles and coverage generating hundreds of millions of impressions; they brought celebrities and travel agents to Israel, created travel agent webinars and invested $3.5 million in joint marketing activities with tour operators. And when you consider that 56 percent of the traffi c to Israel was comprised of Evangelical and Catholic groups, 38 percent Jewish and 6 percent “world travelers,” Gutin’s remark that, “Promoting tourism to Israel is all about niche marketing,” makes good sense.

Speaking of niche travel, the London 2012 Olympic Games, which will begin on July 27 with the Olympic Opening Ceremony, will attract thousands of tourists to one of the world’s most “brilliant” cities, and yes, there’s no denying it’s going to be an Olympic Games to remember, but not all clients interested in traveling to England are ready to spend their vacation among throngs of people while paying hefty hotel rates. Our feature on Devon and Cornwall on page 47 caters to just that clientele, as it pays homage to counties beyond London. Counties that inspire with castles, cathedrals, and market towns with narrow, cobblestone streets. As the writer himself points out, this is where “the England of literature and imagination distinctly comes alive.”

Also this month, you don’t want to miss—and you will defi nitely want to save—the India Travel Planner 2012, which covers just about any questions you or your clients may have about travel to India. This enormous country offers a plethora of travel experiences that will appeal to myriad clients yearning for the type of travel that’s exotic, far-fl ung and otherworldly. If your India Travel Planner 2012 is missing or you would like to request additional copies, please contact us at (800) 447-0123, ext. 100 or e-mail dayanara@recommend.com.

delta air lines giveaway

The Delta Air Lines ticket giveaway—tied into the Delta Air Lines’ 2012 Caribbean, Mexico & Latin America Travel Guide in the January issue—was a huge success. Congratulations to the winners (fi nd out who won on Recommend’s Facebook page or on recommend.com) and a big thank you to Delta for making it happen!


In the Treat Yourself to Brussels onsite review that appeared in the April issue (page 24), we stated that Brusselicious—a year-long culinary feast taking place in Brussels—was organized by the Tourist Offi ce for Flanders. In fact, it’s organized by Visit Brussels. For more information on the event, go to visitbrussels.be.

next month

It’s June—that time of year when romance is in the air and all over the pages of Recommend in our annual Destination Weddings and Honeymoons issue, where we’ll highlight the top destination wedding venues and honeymoon resorts throughout the world, plus the sexiest shore excursions. And fi nally, you won’t want to miss the 2012 Brazil Travel Planner, a country that’s gearing up to be the hottest travel destination in Latin America with both the World Cup and the Summer Olympics on the horizon. In the meantime, have a great read.

— Rick Shively