Worldwide Traveler Gets a Head Start in a Global Undertaking

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All of those are excellent perks for the client. But for the agent? Worldwide Traveler offers a one-stop shopping experience. “Our website highlights specials complete with suggestions for the destinations, must-do’s, and much more so your customer doesn’t miss a thing. By calling or visiting the site, we can provide a complete package including air, land, transfers, sightseeing and trip protection.” Get in, get out, get the package on the books.

Doing the math—30 years experience + happy, helpful consultants + one-stop shopping—add to that the fact that Worldwide Traveler offers a “price beat guarantee,” which doesn’t just match another operator’s lower price, but beats it—it’s hard to fi nd an outcome where an agent wouldn’t come out with happy clients and a great experience.

About packages and promotions, Sytsma says, “We always have a ton of specials going on. My recommendation is to go to and pick one of the many specials we have listed there. And as a special to readers, mention this article and receive an extra 1 percent bonus commission for all new bookings through May 31.” Well, alright!

As if they weren’t already deep into the market—considering Worldwide Traveler’s relatively short lifespan thus far, anyway—Sytsma dropped a surprise and a half when we asked about future plans for the company. “We are happy to announce the launch of South Africa to our product offerings, which began May 1. It’s a jungle out there, and we are thrilled to be selling it!”

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