November 2009

November 2009

India Healing with Technology and Tradition

It’s no surprise that India, with its thousands of years of culture and learning, has stepped to the forefront in terms of the highest quality

Nip/Tuck in Latin America

While India is probably the world leader in medical tourism of all sorts, Latin America has its own outposts where this new niche of international

Avalon Creativity

“You can do anything you want. You’re on vacation.” You hear this plenty of times, from the cruise director, from the friendly steward. It seems

Cook Islands

When it rains in the Cook Islands the whole world seems enameled in sheets of warm water, veiling the beauty of this archipelago that sadly

Tony Taiwan

This island nation emerges as a contrast of click city scenes and natural wonders.

Tanzania Moving Out From Kenya’s Safari Show

Over the years, Tanzania - thanks to improvements in infrastructure, accommodations and flight availability - has slowly and resolutely...

South Africa with Goway Travel

From the time of the earliest European “tourists” to Africa, the main draw to the continent was the thrill of safari. Even today, the sheer

Treasures of the Dardanelles

Traveling incognito on a tour bus is one good way to gauge travelers’ reactions. In the case of Turkey, there is a lot of pointing and staring

Romania: Europe’s Undiscovered Bargain Treasure

Romania is a microcosm of traditional European splendor with fairy tale castles and a lush, charming countryside with quaint, relatively...

A (Tourism) Tale of Two Countries

While the destinations drawing the biggest vacation audience in South America continue to be the "golden triangle" - Peru, Argentina...


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