India Healing with Technology and Tradition

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Because of this relatively recent history, Trehon says, while many other countries are suitable for minor surgical procedures, India is one of the only mainstream options offering a comprehensive solution for all medical needs, and does this with the highest levels of service, facilities and professional skills. As a result, a complex transplant or bypass procedure can be achieved for a tiny fraction of the cost for the same procedure in the U.S. More importantly, this significantly lower cost includes a much longer post-operative care in the hospital itself. “Easy Tours has strong working relationships with leading healthcare providers in India, including the Escorts Group Hospitals and Research Centers and Apollo Group Hospitals and Research Centers,” Trehon says. “This ranges from relationships with the top doctors and nurse practitioners, to the institution’s board members and administrators. This allows Easy Tours’ specialists to facilitate the highest levels of service combined with the very best medical treatment possible.”

To facilitate that relationship, “We have a U.S.- and India-based staff of specialists who focus on medical tourism, and stay abreast of all current developments in their respective fields,” Trehon explains. “They work closely with our leisure travel specialists and are able to coordinate explorations of India’s major tourism attractions. These can be facilitated as a vacation for the patient and/or their traveling companions.”

At the same time, he adds, “From the moment a client contacts one of our medical travel specialists with their medical needs, we become their guide, liaison and coordinator. We serve as a conduit of information between the client and the hospital/clinic and work with the client to determine the best facilities and staff to handle their particular medical needs. We then handle all of the details and communication with the providers. The patient will, of course, be able to speak to the hospitals, doctors, and other providers, but they need not worry about all of the mundane tasks which need to be performed prior to their departure.”

But for all the benefits of the most modern and up-to-date medical technology and cutting-edge surgical procedures, the wellness aspect doesn’t cease when the patient is rolled off the surgery table. An important aspect of medicine is the recovery phase. It’s here where India’s medical practices offer the opportunity to step back and take advantage of the tried-and-true methods of the healing arts of the country.

“It has been statistically shown that patients recover more quickly and with a much higher success rate when they incorporate practices which enhance physical, mental and emotional well being,” explains Trehon. Accordingly, he adds, “Easy Tours of India’s medical travel specialists can customize extensions that include the world’s best Ayurveda, yoga and meditation services and facilities.”

getting there
Air India recently announced the launch of daily direct service from Dulles International Airport to Delhi with new Boeing 777LRs, effective Dec. 1. The flights depart Washington at 12:10 p.m., stop en-route at New York’s JFK Airport, and continue nonstop to Delhi, arriving at 4:45 p.m. the following afternoon. Continuing service is offered to Calcutta. Passengers bound for Mumbai will be able to transfer at JFK to the carrier’s evening non-stop JFK-Mumbai flight. Agents earn 4 percent commission (without a cap) on all Air India tickets issued in the U.S.