November 2010

November 2010

A Medical Tale of Two Latin American Countries

It comes as no surprise that Costa Rica and Peru - offering good hospitals and highly qualified doctors - are becoming destinations of choice...

Quality Care in Taiwan

Taiwan has joined the international competition for offshore medical dollars offering a host of low-cost medical services, from cosmetic surgery...

Uruguay’s Making Waves

Right now it seems safe to think of Uruguay as the new kid on the block, no longer going steady with Argentina and worth getting to know.

No More "Risky Business" in Colombia

Colombia, unfairly characterized in films and television as a lawless land of drug dealers and murderers and ostracized even more by the...

River Cruising for 2011

River cruising is on a roll, as demonstrated by cruise lines that continue to rack up double-digit growth rates, even in recessionary times...

South Africa with Style

You never know where life takes you, especially in South Africa—perhaps a cage-diving experience with great white sharks eyeing you

Chicago: Nothing Second About This City

Since the 1950s, Chicago has been called the "Second City," following an article in New Yorker magazine asserting that Chicago could never...

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Situated at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain, located approximately 12 miles to the northwest of the town of Jackson, Wyoming, lies the

Shining the Spotlight on Amelia Island

Amelia Island doesn't have Orlando's theme parks or South Beach's glitterati feel - the very reason why we have embraced it as one of...

Koh Chang, Thailand

After only a few minutes in Thailand’s delightful Koh Chang Island, an 83-sq.-mile emerald green tropical speck looming from the Gulf of Thailand

Barbados: Back to Work

With renovations on the rise and optimism all across the industry, Barbados is quickly becoming one of the Caribbean's hottest destinations...

Jamaica: Back to Basics

The highly anticipated opening of GoldenEye heralds the start of a golden age for boutique hotels in Jamaica.

Acapulco on the Rise – Again

The story of Acapulco has a bit of a phoenix-like tinge to it, as it seems to rise from its own ashes every so often.

Re-Discovering the Wonders of the Yucatan

“The Yucatan offers an exciting blend of active, outdoor adventure and authentic cultural interaction,” says Suzanne Teng