South Africa with Style

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queen of the rails To get to Pretoria from Cape Town, we hop on the Blue Train, where looking out the window can be a day-long affair: past ostrich and sheep, past farmers and clouds rolling in the distance. We’re traveling in style again, but this time we’re able to collect our thoughts with a glass of champagne and a Cohiba in hand as our butler gets our cabin suite ready for the night. The Cape Town to Pretoria overnight starts at $1,798 pp dbl for the rest of the year but the train has other routes available, including trips to Durban and the Northwest (and can be chartered for weddings, product launches and other events, too), as well as packages with a train-and-lodge combo.

This Blue Train is one sharp number, a mobile luxury whiz where afternoon tea is absolute and dinner is a grand event. You can’t help but snuggle into the elegant lifestyle, even thinking twice about disembarking for 45 minutes to walk through the blink-and-you-missed-it town of Matjiesfontein or about joining others for breakfast, since you can have your coffee and first meal of the day en-suite. Even if it had never reached its next stop, we would’ve still fallen in love with the train and the people outside and around us, and with South Africa.

south africa with goway Goway Travel offers a wide range of options for discovering South Africa, including jaunts on the Blue Train, stays at Grootbos, visits to Cape Town and the Western Cape and family outings with lots of wildlife viewing.

“To me South Africa truly has it all. Its spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, cosmopolitan cities and friendly people combine to make it a destination for all,” says Moira Smith, Goway Travel’s general manager for Africa and the Middle East. “And there’s never been a better time to visit. As a lead-up to hosting the FIFA World Cup, South Africa spent millions of rands on infrastructure, which has translated to improved roads, hotels, airports and venues. It’s an all-year-round destination and there are excellent deals available, particularly after Jan. 15 (at the end of South African school holidays).” Goway’s Southern Circuit visits Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope, the Kruger area, Johannesburg and Victoria Falls. Call for rates.