November 2012

November 2012

This Plane is Going To Cuba

Why are so many people hot to trot to Cuba? All sorts of reasons.

Colombia Rising

Colombia is the gem of two oceans: 500 miles of Pacific coastline and another 700 along the Caribbean, the Emerald Coast where the first European adventurers landed in the 16th century in search of a New World full of riches.

Viva Vallarta!!

It was a heated off-screen romance during a classic John Huston-directed movie that first thrust the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Vallarta into the international spotlight.

A Ride On The Rocky Mountaineer

Talk about a front-row seat at a really big show. It would be hard to upstage the spectacle that unfolds as you journey by rail on the Rocky Mountaineer through the wonders of Canada’s West, spotlight on the superstar Canadian Rockies.

The Lure of Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are such a strong pull that they consistently rank among the most popular vacations spots—the beauty and wide range of activities found within their confines add flair to the delightful playground.

African Retreats In Tanzania

There are few places that overwhelm with a sense of remoteness and solitude and sumptuousness as Lupita, a speck of an island on Tanzania’s Lake Tanganyika.


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