Ensemble Travel Group: Marketing to the Affluent

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In terms of what the member gets in return, says Carol Black, senior director, marketing and development/land products, “The most effective and cost-effective marketing program in the industry and, very importantly, we are all about customer segmentation. We help them with their databases, and we use the data that we have to enhance their databases with customer segmentation and financial segmentation, which ensures getting the right marketing piece to the right client. Those are very, very important features and then, of course, the tremendous array of exquisite programs that we offer.”

Finally, Mannix points out, “If you think about it, travel professionals today tend to be really good at things like destination knowledge, product knowledge and so on; they’re generally okay at selling skills, but when it comes to things like marketing, that’s generally not their skill or something for which they have little time, or more candidly, both. The same thing when it comes to technology. We host 400 websites for about 400 members in the U.S. and Canada. That allows us to manage a process or a marketing element for them that they either wouldn’t get around to or couldn’t do as cost-effectively or in many cases, couldn’t be as sophisticated. We have the economies of scale that allows us to include certain benefits and features for them that even our largest volume member would be hard-pressed to afford on their own.”