Park Hyatt—Personalized Service in Premier Destinations

Without even stepping foot into a Park Hyatt property, one gets the sense that a stay in any one of its 25 properties located throughout the world—with more properties in development—will be tremendously sublime. After all, the brand emphatically touts its incomparable architecture and design, its caring staff, its award-winning gourmet cuisine, its superior amenities and its exquisite art collection.

With all of these attributes, the brand seemed a natural fit for any one of our semi-annual spa and luxury issues. But the one point of contention that always had us putting the brakes on covering Park Hyatt in Recommend’s “Hotel Desk” column was the feeling that it really catered to the businessperson, not the leisure guest, to whom we know our readers are dedicated. But we decided this time around to scratch the surface a little deeper and we were delighted with our findings: destinations that most definitely cater to the leisure traveler; delightful spas; unique, regionally inspired properties; intimate and residential in style; and accommodation packages inspired by romance, culture and pampering. And of course, personalized service.

“Rather than defining a prescriptive experience that is the same for all guests,” says Tristan Dowell, director of branding, Park Hyatt, “Park Hyatt intuitively delivers personalized service to each guest, based on what matters to him or her. Guests can expect gracious service that is in tune with their preferences, a true taste of each locale, exquisite cuisine, fine art, and therapeutic spas, all of which are designed to provide memorable experiences.”

Introduced in the 1980s, Park Hyatt is the most exclusive component of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts’ portfolio and offers properties that range from historic landmarks in Hamburg, to glimmering modern skyscrapers in Tokyo, with no two Park Hyatt properties being the same.

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“Each Park Hyatt,” explains Dowell, “always reflects the unique culture of its location.” In fact, Dowell says, “we infuse art and culture from the local community into each Park Hyatt experience.” Adding that, “since the destination is usually what brings guests to our hotels, careful consideration is taken on deciding on locations for Park Hyatt. For example, Park Hyatt Sydney is located across the harbor from the historic Sydney Opera House. Park Hyatt Washington is located in historic Georgetown, and Park Hyatt Chicago is located on the Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue.”

Within, the properties offer a modern and sleek design, which the brand says, “is a simple yet refined aesthetic that is elegant and hip, yet does not force a false sense of trendiness.” In other words, Park Hyatts are really for your most discerning clients, not the hipster looking only for the cool factor. That discriminating traveler will also be quite fond of the thoughtfully collected works of art that each and every Park Hyatt includes within its walls, and which, according to Dowell, “helps create a particular environment…and serves as a reflection of the local culture.” In fact, the collections boast works by everyone from internationally acknowledged masters—such as Dale Chihuly—to up-and-coming new and local artists. When they are not perusing the art, guests can enjoy the libraries, lounges, award-winning restaurants, and spas.

Speaking of spas, Park Hyatt Milan just opened The Spa, an intimate space with two treatment rooms, each with private shower facilities, and we have to mention the whirlpool, because it’s decorated with 250,000 tiny pieces of hand-cut mosaic, each shimmering with 24-carat gold leaf. The facility offers holistic treatments created specifically for each individual guest. Another “new” addition is the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, CA, north of San Diego. Designed in Spanish colonial style, the property is set off by expansive gardens, rolling hills, and views of the Pacific Coast. It spans 205 acres set on the northern shore of the Batiquitos Lagoon, one of the state’s most precious, untouched wetlands. Onsite amenities include four restaurants, 329 rooms, including 44 suites, and a 15,000-sq.-ft. spa with 20 treatment rooms.

Additionally, there are more than 10 new properties in development, says Dowell, in Africa (Marrakech, Morocco); China (Ningbo); Europe (Mallorca, Spain); India (Chennai); and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). Also in development are properties in Mexico City and Koh Samui, Thailand. “These locations were chosen because they are premier worldwide destinations and ones to which Park Hyatt guests are likely to travel,” explains Dowell.