Rascals Unbound

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For shorter family vacations, the Caribbean and Mexico are, of course, close-by and family-friendly areas. In the Caribbean, Jamaica is a favorite with Rascals in Paradise, particularly, says Hodges, “…for families with young children because we can always guarantee a great nanny, and one we know. One of our favorites is the Franklyn D. Resort, located in Runaway Bay in Jamaica and the only all-inclusive family resort that gives you a full-time Vacation Nanny as part of your package.” She also adds that the all-inclusive FDR Pebbles in Falmouth is also geared toward family fun, offering special “teen” adventures, including a supervised outdoor camping experience, as well as fishing, hiking, sailing and windsurfing, all-terrain bike trips and field trips.

Not only is Rascals a family-friendly company, but an agent-friendly company. Hodges points out that, “Agents seem to understand our slogan— “give your kids the world” — and we work closely with travel agents to help them sell creative and customized family vacations to both traditional and new-horizons destinations.”