Social Media Marketing

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But before you start, Gilmore says, agents should first “figure out what’s your ultimate goal: having a venue where people reach out to you like airlines and hotels for customer service, or as more of an informational resource. You need to know your audience.” And keep that goal in mind every time you use the sites, keeping the information you broadcast current and interesting.

But the real key to success, says Persad, is the amount of time and energy you spend maintaining your online relationships. “Don’t just set it up and let it become static,” he advises. “Keep it updated, put fun stuff up. Photographs are critical in terms of putting up-to-date information. Travel agents can encourage clients to put up comments, photographs, videos and whatnot. The critical thing is managing it and promoting it to keep up the fan base.”

Additionally, Recommend is now on Facebook, offering a fun and engaging way for us to help you sell more travel. Over 400 friends have joined our social network, and befriending us offers another way to learn about new things available from Recommend.