Ocean Club Resorts, Turks & Caicos

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At any time of day, with the whole family or just by themselves, clients can stop by either resort’s casual open-air poolside dining options: Cabana Bar & Grille at Ocean Club, and Seaside Cafe at Ocean Club West. Both offer meals using traditional and local ingredients—think conch and tropical fruits—alongside standard American fare. This is also the spot for getting drinks to enjoy as you soak up the sun. Parents shouldn’t miss Ocean Club’s signature, award-winning beet mojito, a colorful twist on the classic mojito that’s tinted red with beet essence. Both Cabana Bar & Grille and Seaside Cafe serve as ideal meetup spots for meals with families who’ve splintered off into their own activities during the day.

For a more formal dining experience, head to Opus at Ocean Club, serving up steak, seafood, and selections from an extensive wine list in an elegant, low-lit dining room as well as on an outdoor patio. While this might not be the place to bring young children, it’s a great option for families with older kids or teens who’d like to enjoy an evening of gourmet cuisine in an idyllic setting.

off-property pursuits There’s no shortage of family activities within Ocean Club Resorts, but part of the fun of staying here is exploring the local area. Moms and daughters can delight in perusing the area’s many boutiques and malls for clothing, jewelry, home decor and art—all within easy walking distance of either resort. Along the way from shop to shop, temptations like ice cream parlors, casual bars and restaurants beckon shoppers to stop in for a snack or a drink. One of the newer restaurants in Provo is Lemon, an upscale Moroccan restaurant serving up tapas-style dishes. It may not be the best place to take a picky eater, but the authentic and creative cuisine, paired with fine Moroccan wines (who knew?), makes it a unique dining experience in the Caribbean.

For more traditional flavors, rent a car or take a taxi to Provo’s famous Conch Shack, known for some of the tastiest and freshest conch dishes around. Visitors can see their conch harvested from its shell before it’s turned into anything from conch fritters to conch salad.

Clients can learn more about the island’s famous export at the Caicos Conch Farm, which grows, harvests and exports the majority of the conch eaten in North America. This is a particularly interesting tour for kids, who get to see conch at various stages of development. Kids who were fascinated by the geckos at Ocean Club with go wild for Sally and Jerry, the Conch Farm’s resident conchs who can be coaxed out of their shells.

Rates at Ocean Club start at $195 per room per night; at Ocean Club West, rates start at $210 per room per night.

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