Unforgettable Safaris

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The lodge’s 13 open-air villas, including two family cottages, offer comfort mixed with exceptional views. Here families can enjoy a wide variety of watersports and private excursions. There are also visits to unspoiled local villages and a large number of enriching activities.

Suggested itineraries include a 30-minute helicopter ride to Kalambo Falls, the second highest falls in Africa, with a picnic lunch catered by the lake cruiser, the Winsor Rose, or a game viewing helicopter flight to Ndido falls in the southeast corner of Katavi National Park, with sweeping views of Lake Rukwa and the surrounding area.

For more than 20 years, Firelight Expeditions has been a force to contend with when it comes to Tanzanian tourism. Lupita Island and Palahala Camp—an undiscovered natural gem in Katavi National Park—are lauded for the exquisite service and attention given their guests.

Families who visited the island invariably leave with a positive feeling. According to Tom Lithgow, Firelight Expeditions’ director, “Lupita Island is the perfect getaway for a family to unplug and reconnect. There are no video games and we discourage cell phone use. Therefore, families find themselves reconnecting on a new level through water activities, board games and safari excursions. It truly is a breath of fresh air for everyone.”

Experiencing Lupita Island is not inexpensive. Season rates running from October to December cost approximately $518 per night dbl, with an additional $311 per child. Cottages run from about $1,560 per night, but the rate includes children.

It is also not easy to reach. Its nearest airport is Kilimanjaro Airport, reachable from either Amsterdam or Nairobi. From there it’s a 3-hour flight by small aircraft to Lupita’s dirt airstrip.

But the experience of having visited such a remote place will more than compensate for the long hours of travel.

For children accompanying their parents on a wildlife safari, southern Africa will remain the proverbial unforgettable experience.