China: A Wonderland for Kids

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Enchanted China also includes stops in Beijing’s Forbidden City, a trip to the Great Wall and a visit to the terracotta marvels of Xian.

Rowley says that American youngsters are enthralled by a visit to Beijing’s Huton district, a vast neighborhood of low houses arranged in a maze of narrow and claustrophobic alleys where visitors can intermingle with local Huton children.

“Personally speaking,” she adds, “I can say that I have seen my own kids eagerly looking forward to cultural things they would never consider while at home. They were fascinated by a kung-fu show that combines martial arts, dance and acrobatics in Beijing; by a Sichuan opera in Chengdu, where actors transform their faces in microseconds; they loved the shadow puppets, fire breathers, and comedy skits; and a music and dance performance in Xian had us mesmerized.”

As the number of attractions grow, it’s clear that China goes far and above to attract a younger crowd of visitors and it’s just another reason why the once tourism backwater is a formidable force in 21st century tourism.

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