Cash In on Bookings as a Saint Lucia Specialist

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Saint Lucia Specialist Program

By participating in Recommend’s Saint Lucia Specialist program, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to provide your clients with a legendary vacation in this West Indies island destination.

Saint Lucia is one of the most classic Caribbean vacation experiences available today, with resorts that run the gamut from all-inclusive retreats to classic inns, and boutique hotels with spas and wellness programs in settings that will take your breath away. The Saint Lucia Specialist program will show you why this island has become known as the premiere romance destination.

As a Saint Lucia Specialist, you’ll have access to a wealth of rewards, offered to you by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. These include a listing of yourself and your company as a Saint Lucia Specialist on’s Saint Lucia Specialist Finder (including telephone, address and direct e-mail functionality); three continuing education credits from The Travel Institute or the Canadian Institute of Travel Counselors; participation in the Preferred Agent Saint Lucia Specialist (PASS) program, which offers FAM trips and other benefits based on recorded bookings; a printable education packet and a personalized full color, printable certificate.

Love is In the Air
Saint Lucia was recently named by the World Travel Awards as the Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination. The recognition comes in agreeance with similar previously awarded titles, including being named one of the world’s top 20 honeymoon destinations by Bride’s magazine.

“Saint Lucia is naturally made for romance and we have embraced it and want to share the love with visitors to the island,” says Louis Lewis, director of Tourism for Saint Lucia. “As we move into 2013, Saint Lucia is poised for additional growth, product improvement and increased airlift which will make getting to the island much easier.”

Become a Saint Lucia Specialist today and begin cashing in on these sales rewards and benefits. For more information, visit