GOGO Marketing Campaign Focuses on Commitment to Agents

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The other key aspect of the GOGO Guarantee, is the “No Walk” Guarantee, which means, Smith explains, “If we book something and the customer gets to the hotel and finds that the room price is not available, just give us the opportunity to find it and if we can’t, we’ll upgrade them. And if we can’t upgrade them, we’ll find them accommodations that will fully refund them the cost of the accommodations they weren’t able to get [supplying them with an equivalent room].” There are also no revision fees and no licensing fees and “…you’ll never see either of those fees with GOGO.”

Still another strategy is the company’s new customer-based website—gogoworldwidevacations.com—which was launched last September. “There’s no booking engine,” so customers can’t book, but, Smith says, it includes a Deal of the Day and monthly specials on the On the Go Guide and customers can find a local travel agent partner listed by zip code. They also just added a “Review” section asking travel agents to send their positive reviews and tell consumers why someone should book with them. “It’s about them showing their knowledge and expertise of a destination or a hotel,” Smith points out. “Then the call to action goes right back to that agent so they can list their e-mail address, their telephone number or if they have a website, we can link directly to that, as well.”

Finally, he says, “We have 25 BDMs blitzing the country for the next three months with window stickers that read, ‘only at your travel agent,’ to really emphasize to the customer that there’s some exclusivity around the product, but more importantly, it’s about the expertise and knowledge of the travel agent. That’s our commitment.”