Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) has created a new division—The Travel Junction-Connecting You—designed to service the B2B travel market with direct access to the travel company’s range of contracted products.

The Travel Junction-Connecting You was created to act as an intermediary, linking travel sellers outside of the traditional Flight Centre retail brands to their products with direct contracts in hotels, tours, experiences, and cruise.

“The Travel Junction offers a single distribution point with superior customer focused service to guide our partners through the entire product journey,’’ said James Whiting, general manager of The Travel Junction.. “The key focus is on minimizing the current disadvantages seen within the market today and being caretakers for the end to end customer experience, from supplier to end traveler. This brand will be the face of FCTG’s strategic move into the world of product accessibility for businesses outside of the group with a core focus on responsible partnerships, superior customer experience, support and personalized service that FCTG is famous for.’’

The Travel Junction-Connecting You offers a connectivity service for B2B business to access the company’s specialized, highly valued range of travel products across wide reaching markets that may not have been feasible to access previously, noted Whiting.

To learn more about The Travel Junction, its products and services visit thetraveljunction.com. Click here for the latest 4-1-1 in the travel industry.