Making it "EZ" for Agent Members

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But most importantly, he adds, “What we’ve appended now is that we have feed on discretionary income so that we know if that consumer has the money and has the propensity to buy travel. We’ve now linked into the financial institutions and it’s all public information that allows you to gauge the discretionary income of the traveler. Now these mailers are not only targeted with relative content, but they also go to the people who have the ability to buy. And I don’t think anybody else has that one either.”

Finally, Tracas points out that organizations like were built to support the agency community and do things that they themselves could not negotiate and have the financial wherewithal to put the infrastructure in place. “Obviously, they could not build a product like EZguider, nor could they afford an Engagement mailing program like we have,” he says. “So that’s been the essence of these organizations, and in this past year, has just taken it to a whole other level with the functionality of EZguider and the sophistication of Engagement.”