Flo Tours’ Best of Iran FAM

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Agents, you can visit Iran with Flo Tours in November 2017. (Photo courtesy of Flo Tours.)
Agents, you can visit Iran with Flo Tours in November 2017. (Photo courtesy of Flo Tours.)

Agents, you can explore Iran with Flo Tours on its Best of Iran FAM itinerary Nov. 3-14, 2017. The trip takes you to Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan.

On this itinerary you get to explore a full day on a guided tour of Tehran where you’ll take in The Archaeological Museum, which features four tablets inscribed in cuneiform, Darius I inscription; The Glassware and Ceramic Museum showcasing some of the most rare collections of glass and clay in Iran dating back to the 4th millennium BC; and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Golestan Palace. While in Shiraz, you’ll visit the Karim Khan palace, the Vakil mosque, the Vakil Bazaar, and Saray-e-moshir, as well as the Nasir Almolk mosque. Other highlights of the trip include a visit to the Gate of Xerxes, the Harem and the private palaces of different rulers, plus Pasargadae—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—the Mausoleum of Cyrus II and Tall-e Takht, a fortified terrace.

During this trip, guests will have the opportunity to learn about the Zoroastrian faith, the Avesta, and the four divine elements—air, water, earth, and fire; as well as the construction of qanat or canals and the famous Badgers, or wind-catchers water towers that are used to cool a home in a desert setting. A visit to Esfahan is also on the itinerary, where guests will stay for three nights at the Abbasi Hotel, as is a visit to the UNESCO recognized village of Abyaneh, located on the foot of Mount Parkas. Rates start at $3,995 pp dbl; single supplements are $995; and a companion is $795.

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