Fred.Olsen Launches New Special Interest Program

Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines has launched its new program of special interests, Vistas. Formerly known asThe ArtsClubVistas­ carries the tagline of “Rewarding Curiosity,” and gives Fred.Olsen guests the opportunity to find out more about subjects that interest them, all at no extra cost (with the exception of select wine tastings). A dedicated new website­ has been launched to support the new onboard experience, which promises to be an even more rewarding program than its predecessor, with an expanded variety of practical talks and engaging lectures, delivered by a selection of guest speakers.

The program also includes the option to book a planned shore excursion, which will be linked to the subject of interest. For example, painting or photography enthusiasts may get the chance to visit an artist’s house, or a particularly scenic site.

Covered in the Vistas program are a wide range of themes, subjects and interests, including: The History of Weather, Photography, Ballroom Dancing, Antiques, Classical Music, The Archers, Agatha Christie, Sporting Personalities, Gardens and Gardening, Wine, History of the Royal Family and Comedy.

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