Lovers Lost and Found in the City of Old

Amidst the beaches and bastions of the old city, an old-world charm sets the stage for romance. There’s a certain magic that happens while strolling downSt. George Street, where Spanish architecture is bathed in the dim light of colonial lanterns. The faint smell of tobacco from boutique cigar factories, handmade fudge and freshly-pressed waffle cones, all swirling through the salt air.

It’s easy to get lost at night when you’re with someone special. Lost in the spontaneous moments when the faint sounds of a familiar love song echoes in the streets from one of the many taverns that feature live acoustic music. Lost in the beauty of the majestic Castillo de San Marcos, silhouetted against the moonlight as it shimmers across the water. Lost in the clip clop of horses pulling carriages along the ancient streets. Lost in the timelessness. But mostly, lost in each other. Such is the hypnotic, intoxicating effect of the city when she breathes at night.

There’s much to discover in a city with such a long history. Couples realize it only after they’ve found the perfect secluded hideaway on the beach at Ponte Vedra. Or the true quietude found while kayaking their way through the natural wonders along the Matanzas River. Or the mystic elegance of the VillaZorayda Museum. Or after they’ve discovered the heart of Florida’s historic coast, only to realize they’ve really found each other’s. Such is the warmth and charm of this, the most romantic of cities.

Lovers are lost in the city and found in each other. And another story of romance is added to the collection of  events that shape the history of the nation’s oldest city. From a distance, it may seem strange that love is so easily found in a place where neatly stacked pyramids of cannon balls mark every other corner. And where history is marked more by the world’s conquerors and heroes than its Romeos and Juliets.

It’s a place filled with those who love history, and distinguished by an unwritten history of love. But more and more, people are beginning to discover that romance is as much a character in the story of St. Augustine as Ponce de Leon himself. Which, perhaps, should come as no surprise when you consider one of his earliest pursuits, the Fountain of Youth.

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