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Many agents are turning to AI, such as the Amazon Alexa skill, to help them perform tasks, as well as find bookable tours for their clients. The German National Tourist Office has joined the various companies now offering an Alexa skill to help agents search for Germany travel ideas.

The new Alexa skill “Germany Travel Tips” focuses on nature, cultural experiences, action, and recreation. Alexa can help provide you with tailor-made tips for those clients heading to Germany. By indicating what your client’s interests are, as well as the type of holiday they are booking, the Alexa skill will offer insider tips you could share with your clients.

For instance, Alexa might suggest a tropical paradise in the heart of Germany where your clients can unwind and relax. Or for those seeking something a little more upbeat, Alexa can suggest places for samba dancing. Or, for those clients searching for unique accommodations, how do accommodations set high up in the treetops with views of a national park, sound?

Alexa can help ease your research for those clients heading to Germany, whether it’s a solo trip or a family vacation, Alexa can guide you to fit your client’s needs whether it’s a trip set for city lovers, those seeking adventure, or even those who want to explore the country’s nature.

For more information, visit or For more information on how using the Alexa skill can help you with your b business, don’t miss “Travel Talk: Using AI to Streamline Your Business.”