Carnival Ecstasy Provides New 4- and 5-Day Cruises and More Sales Opportunities

Now it’s easier than ever to give your clients just what they’re looking for, as popular Port Canaveral welcomes its third year-round Carnival “Fun Ship” with additional short cruise choices.

With four major homeported cruise lines—Carnival, Disney, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean—Port Canaveral already has 3-, 4-, and 7-day cruises and an array of popular vacation itineraries. Now it can offer two new 4-day “long weekend” cruises and two different 5-day itineraries—the perfect fit for 1-week vacation schedules—aboard the Carnival Ecstasy.

Port Canaveral’s Central Florida location, lack of traffic congestion and popular array of pre- and post-cruise options make it an easy sell.

Check out all four itineraries for the Carnival Ecstasy, plus videos of how easy and stress-free it is to locate the Port Canaveral terminals and ships, which you can quickly share with your clients in one click.