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Screaming Eagle

SCREAMING EAGLE Screaming Eagle offers a changing weekly menu of popular seasonal specials from northern Europe, presented by award-winning head Chef Erwin Husken. Recent selections have included mullet (the white salmon of the Netherlands), a Swedish specialty of small shrimp with salmon eggs, and skrei (Norwegian white fish). The restaurant is located across from Eagle Beach. For more information, call (297) 587 8021 or visit

2 FOOLS AND A BULL Chef Fred Wanders and restaurateur Paul Faas recently opened their “fool fantasy” kitchen on Palm Beach Road, with the fun name of 2 Fools and a Bull. Some special features include an authentic fully restored French firewall—the only one of its kind in the Caribbean—and an unusual grill imported from Holland, all surrounded by soothing decor, peppered with whimsical touches. Smokers and others can stretch their legs on the small outdoor patio, where the aperitifs are served just before dinner. The weekly menu is a five-course selection of surprises. Some past selections include creamy soup with leeks and smoked eel; sea bass and shrimp with bell pepper sauce and herb risotto; lamb chop shitake jus, and poached pears with chocolate Grand Marnier sauce. Wine pairing is offered with each menu.


Amuse Bistro

AMUSE BISTRO Located at the front of Playa Linda Beach Resort, the open-air Amuse Bistro is an intimate mom-and-pop bistro with French roots and Caribbean flair. The menu is a fun mix-and-match with most dishes available in appetizer and main course sizes, from lovely soups, salads and appetizers to pasta and seafood, steak, pork and chicken, with the menu bearing the unmistakable signature of its talented creator. Chef Patrick explains, “Patrons can sample and nosh, dish after dish, as much or as little until satisfied, feasting on small, delectable specialties, perfectly plated and garnished, accompanied by quality wines, to be enjoyed at leisure, one at a time, or shared.”

Patrick’s specials include pan fried halibut paired with herb risotto; grilled Caribbean rock lobster; tenderloin and goose liver; and surf and turf, sirloin and shrimp.

And coming soon, Kentucky Fried Chicken will be located next to Wendy’s in the strip mall at the intersection of Palm Beach Road and Sasaki Highway.

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