Saint Lucia Gives You Your P.A.S.S. to Paradise

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Saint Lucia P.A.S.S. to Paradise


Give your clients Saint Lucia, an island rich in natural beauty and culture. It’s easy, just log on and join the Preferred Agent Saint Lucia Specialist P.A.S.S. to Paradise program. And when you get your P.A.S.S. to Paradise, you’re automatically enrolled in the Piton Award Program, too. The sooner you get your P.A.S.S. to Paradise, the better odds you’ll have to win amazing prizes, including one of many $500 cash prizes or the grand prize of a vehicle.

Is it a destination wedding your clients are after? Saint Lucia knows weddings, and with so many beautiful backdrops to provide the perfect setting, your clients will have the fairy tale wedding they’ve always dreamed of. With no wait period, nominal fees and minimum requirements, they’ll glide through their wedding day in perfect harmony.

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