Starwood Invites You to Enjoy StarPro Rates

Starwood Hotels & Resorts


Starwood Hotels & Resorts has recently topped 30,000 StarwoodPros—which means that 30,000 travel professionals can take advantage of Starwood’s StarPro rates, the lowest in the industry.

And for a short time, there’s even more: Starwood is extending a special offer to all travel professionals to experience the Starwood Hotels & Resorts select service brands. Earn up to 25 percent off the already low StarPro rates at Four Points, Aloft and Element hotels. If you are already a StarwoodPro, you have instant access to these low rates and the 25 percent discount. If not, simply log on to and complete Module 1 of ProLearning today. Then, book your stay at a Four Points, Aloft or Element hotel with these great rate opportunities. You’ll also get two free drinks, compliments of Starwood. But time is running out—you must book and stay by Sept. 30.

“We know you are our front line to the consumer,” says Chris Austin, v.p., global retail leisure and luxury sales for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. “We want to be sure you have experienced these brands and can best articulate their value to your customers. We hope you join us this summer at one of our Aloft, Element or Four Points properties.”

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Starwood now has more than 30,000 travel professionals certified as StarwoodPros. They’ve all earned exclusive access to special StarPro rates and a suite of great benefits, including free leading industry training from the Travel Agent Success Series, customizable e-mail collateral to share with their customers, a downloadable e-mail signature highlighting their affiliation with Starwood and more.

As a global company, Starwood is investing in destination education for our travel industry partners. Eight destination modules are now available to our StarwoodPros, with access granted exclusively to StarwoodPro graduates. These valuable resources help our best sellers better understand the destinations we call home—and the ones your clients want to visit.

Each module can be explored one island at a time, and travel professionals can return to their last completed section at their own convenience. Certificates and a virtual concierge are provided for each module. Additional destination-selling modules will debut throughout the year.

Remember to take advantage of the opportunity to experience Four Points, Aloft and Element hotels with an additional 25 percent discount. If you are not yet a StarwoodPro, join your fellow colleagues and visit