The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011

Lovers of flora and fauna will find new opportunities to further develop horticulture and agro-tourism—expected to be a promising new future niche market—at Thailand’s garden show, the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011.

Scheduled to be held in the Northern capital of Chiang Mai between Nov. 9, 2011 and Feb. 15, 2012, the expo will be spread out over an 80-hectare area, boasting a lush and refreshing display of colorful plants, flowers and greenery from Thailand and 30 other countries. Due to the relationship between nature conservation and the health-and-wellness phenomena, the expo will be accompanied by three separate scientific International Symposiums on: 1.) Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 2.) Tropical and Subtropical Fruits 3.) Orchids and Ornamental Plants

The events are also very special occasions for the Thai nation and the Thai people as they commemorate the auspicious 84th birthday of the king (the seventh 12-year cycle of life in Asian tradition) and the 80th birthday of the queen. Due to the prominent role played by agriculture in Thai economic, social and cultural life, both the king and queen have spent their lifetimes working towards environmental sustainability, water and nature conservation, and poverty alleviation. All of their efforts over the years will be highlighted at the expo.

For the travel trade, consumers, agro-scientists, conservationists and all those keen to help tackle global warming, climate change and such looming challenges of the 21st century, this is the place to be. Organizers are particularly seeking to encourage school trips from around the world as the dates will fit perfectly with the holiday season.

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