Travel Guides

Travel Guides

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a place of superlatives, presenting her visitors with a scintillating mix of beach culture, big city sophistication and seemingly endless joie de vivre.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, often called Brazil’s “Big Apple,” is indeed South America’s largest metropolis, as well as the country’s corporate and industrial core.

Santiago, Chile

Long gone are the days when Santiago was seen as sleepy and staid, a capital just to transit en-route to the wilds of Patagonia or Easter Island.

Bogota, Colombia

Founded by gold-seeking conquistadors in 1538, today Bogota is Colombia’s first city in every way.

Quito, Ecuador

There’s an idyllic quality about Quito. Nearly two miles high and almost directly on the equator, the Andean capital stretches along the foothills beneath the Pinchincha Volcano and in its dozens of superb colonial churches.

Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana (pronounced “guy” as in “eye”). Once called the “garden city of the Caribbean,” the country’s commercial center still enjoys a profusion of flowering trees and architecturally resembles a quaint combination of tin-roofed mining town and Victorian elegance—a legacy of its years as a former British colony and in turn the only English-speaking country on the continent.

Lima, Peru

Once called the “City of Kings,” Lima was the center of Spanish power in the New World following Pizarro’s conquest of Peru in the 16th century.

Caracas, Venezuela

While foreign visitors may find Caracas less carefree and fun-loving nowadays, in the capital of oil-rich Venezuela there are still many things to see and do.

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