Family River Adventures With Western River Expeditions

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Western River Expeditions has taken all the guesswork out of planning a river rafting family adventure along Oregon’s Rouge River. With 3- and 4-day all-inclusive Lodge-to-Lodge packages available, your clients are at liberty to focus less on the details and more on the play that should come along with any vacation.

The new Lodge-to-Lodge program allows families to leave the tents and the hassle at home. Instead of rafting down-river and stopping early to set up camp before twilight, explorers will be guided to pre-determined camp sites, each of which has an array of lodges to house the campers for the evening. With their homes all ready for them, all your clients have to do is set down their bag and their tour operator will whisk them away on a hike to discover a nearby waterfall, or go splashing in the river rapids.

Rates start at $939 for adults and $879 for children ages 5-16.

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